YouTube is a very powerful video platform. Not only is widely spread, which will give you more exposure, but also is a great tool to engage people without compromising your organization budget. However, free doesn’t always mean costless. YouTube monetization rules have changed and have changed a lot, to the point that often it’s going to display undesirable and unrelated content to the users, even though you are embedding a video on the app.

To avoid that, we can use a trick every time we are adding a video. Here are the steps:

•    Copy the URL of the Video you want to add: i.e. (

•    Identify the Video ID. Is the part at the end of the URL: In the previous URL is this one here: ZOBIPb-6PTc

•     Use this based URL: and replace the VIDEOID place holder with the original desired video id. In this case, it would be like this: and replace

•    Now you can paste the URL into your admin.

You can check the following video for a quick demo: